If you are thinking about starting a business, and would like to minimise the risk of failure, franchising could be the perfect solution for you!

Franchise systems offer ready-made ideas for businesses. By obtaining a licence, you also get a right to use a well-known brand and can benefit from extensive know-how and experience behind it.  As a franchisee, you are part of a large network of coaches from across the world and profit from all its advantages. You establish a business with tested solutions, created on the basis of active and verified companies. Maybe you are a coach for your local team but need a syllabus and structured program for your children.


Brazilian Soccer Schools and Socatots

Brazilian Soccer Schools and Socatots are two of our programmes that you can run in your city or community as our franchisee.

Become a countrywide BSS partner

BSS is:

  • 2000 kids attending sessions each week
  • 100 coaches
  • hundreds of locations
  • many towns and cities all over the UK
  • 400 training groups
  • 10 000 training hours a year

Benefits for a Partner

The major advantage of cooperation with BSS is supporting the creation of a worldwide brand as one that:

  • cares about the development of local communities;
  • supports the promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle among young people;
  • works towards increasing wholesome lifestyle awareness;
  • promotes active leisure;
  • supports parents in instilling passion within their children.

BSS offers its partners the ability to reach a wide group of responsible parents who wish to play an active role in the development of their children. We will be happy to meet you to discuss what we do and how we work with our franchisees. Together we can further stimulate the intellectual and physical development of children and support their families.


Please get in touch:
Phone: 0208 354 4189, 07903042446


Futebol de Salão UK Ltd is the operator of the brands and coaching syllabuses of Brazilian Soccer Schools and SOCATOTS within the UK.


We operate under license from ICFDS Global Ltd registered in England and Wales with company number 08756436 and registered address: Cumnor Road, Wootton , Boars Hill , Oxford , Oxfordshire , OX1 5JW, United Kingdom .


Brazilian Soccer Schools is the unique Soccer coaching programme incorporating Futebol de Salão. 


Futebol de Salão is a 5-a-side version of football of South American origin that is played with a smaller (size 2), heavier (465g) ball that has virtually no bounce (10%). The game became very popular in Brazil where players such as Pele, Rivelino, Zico right through to Juninho, Ronaldo and Rivaldo were brought up first playing Futebol de Salão before moving on to professional football.


Following FIFA's decision to promote the game of Futsal (5-a-side played with a size 4 ball with 20-25% rebound) Futebol de Salão has virtually died out in South America and is now developed globally through Brazilian Soccer Schools and SOCATOTS who see the game as being the best start for children in football. 


SOCATOTS, formed in 2003 is a football based developmental activity programme specifically designed for children (girls and boys) aged 6 months - 5 years old.  It offers a unique approach designed around systematic training sessions involving parents' active participation.  Children attend regular sessions with other children of a similar age, where they master both motor and social skills under the watchful eye of highly qualified coaches. 


SOCATOTS' mission is to engage more and more children in physical activity, using football as a medium. We teach basic movement patterns, balance and motor coordination. Most important, we ensure that physical activity is fun. Everything we do is centred around helping children develop first as people, then as sports enthusiasts.


Rupert Lowe - Director & Owner

Rupert was Chairman of Southampton Football Club in two spells from 1996 - 2006 and subsequently 2008-2009. His main achievements included reaching the FA Cup Final in 2003, with consequent European Qualification for the club for the first time in nearly 20 years. Off the field he also secured the funding to develop the new St Mary’s stadium project in 2002 at a cost of £34 million, on time and on budget. He has also served on the board of the Football Association, Professional Game Board, Wembley National Stadium Limited and the Challenge Cup Committee.


His main achievement, and vision, however was borne out in the highly successful structure of the club's youth academy that reached the FA Youth Cup Final in 2005 and has developed a track record of producing world class players, earning the club plaudits as well as millions of pounds in transfer fees in the process. The recipe for this model of success was in the recruitment of highly renowned youth coaching guru Georges Prost as well as a top class recruitment team and a local Hotel, Darwin Lodge to house the boys together. In terms of players produced, the results are there for all to see with England internationals Alex Oxlade - Chamberlain, Theo Walcott, Adam Lallana, Luke Shaw and Wayne Bridge all benefiting. This is not to mention the World's most expensive player Gareth Bale, with dozens of others similarly inhabiting the professional league pyramid around the UK and beyond.


Rupert firmly believes in the syllabuses of Brazilian Soccer Schools and SOCATOTS, to bring great educational and sporting benefits to young people across the globe.




Will Partington - Global Head Coach

Will Partington is currently the Director of Socatots & Brazilian Soccer Schools Jersey as well as the Global Head Coach of Brazilian Soccer Schools worldwide.


Having been a long time admirer of founder Simon Clifford's work Will spent a lot of time and effort tracking Simon down over 10 years ago to find out more about the now proven and highly regarded Brazilian Soccer Schools coaching programme. Despite Will only being in his 20s at the time, and therefore working from a modest base in terms of available cash to spend on a franchise, he persuaded Simon and the Brazilian Soccer Schools team at the time that he was worthy of joining the ranks of the organisation. He has since proved their decision to lower the age requirement barrier for franchise holders especially for him a wise one in hindsight.


In the years since, Will has made full use of his access to both the Brazilian Soccer Schools coaching syllabus as well as Simon's yearly ICFDS coaching courses to ensure that he delivered the coaching syllabus to it's maximum capacity in his allotted area of Jersey.


Will's inaugural trip to Brazil was back in the days when he was playing with the Vasco de Gama and Flamengo Beach Soccer teams on the sands of Copacabana. Will later went on to represent England at Beach Soccer with his debut against; yes you've guessed it against Brazil at a tournament hosted in Lagos, Nigeria. This was the first of what have now become annual research trips to Brazil. Over many years Will has immersed himself in the Brazilian culture and developed many friends within the Soccer industry and beyond out in Brazil. He has had trips to meet Jairzinho and Zico's Soccer Schools in Rio de Janeiro having also visited Careca's soccer school in Campinas.


This unrestricted access has continued to the present day where on his last visit he was given a free rein to observe the set up and coaching infrastructure within the Professional clubs of Fluminense and Flamengo. Will even delivered some of his own sessions within their youth academies.


This has seen Will continue to build his all round coaching education and further explore the physical, mental and tactical sides of the game, combining this with the technique and flexibility displayed by players introduced to specific body and ball movements from a young age.


In the midst of this journey Will has had so far had with Brazilian Soccer Schools he crossed paths with current owner Rupert Lowe when Simon Clifford accepted a job at Southampton FC with Sir Clive Woodward.


Consequently after Rupert's takeover the Head Coach role became available. Will agreed to step into the role from April 2015 and bring with him his incredible knowledge of the syllabus as well as the new ideas he has acquired from trips into some of the most well established and respected coaching hotbeds in Brazil.