BSS Minis: Ages 5-8

In the youngest age groups, for players aged 5-8, we aim to open a child's mind as to what is possible with and without the ball, learning about its endless possibilities.  We make use of the natural predispositions of children - a vivid imagination and often inexhaustible reserves of energy.  We focus on individual technical work with the ball, which will take up no less than 60% of each session, whilst up to 30% of session time will be reserved for FDS game situations.  Children will be given a soft introduction to the ICFDS Skills Badge Scheme, and are encouraged to understand and appreciate the importance of respect and friendship.  The overall aim is to provide an introduction to the BSS methodology, firmly creating a solid core series of skills as their foundation enabling them to successfully move into the next phase of learning.  Individual development and expression is paramount.

BSS: Ages 8-11

At this age children begin to compete more regularly, this results in players practising individual, paired and group work with and without pressure, moving closer to being match ready.  The ICFDS Skills Badge Scheme begins to take more prominence, with all movements being slowly taught, reinforced and mastered.  However we never forget this is a critical stage for experimentation and performance must not be assessed on success rather allowing a mind to flourish and learn.  It is also important for our children to appreciate that faults are acceptable and can be used as motivation to work harder and try again.

BSS: Ages 11+

By the time children have reached the oldest age group, their technical foundation has been laid. Therefore we are ready to open up new chapters in the programme addressing players’ tactical, physical and mental development. At these ages they will have an increased intelligence and physical profile, which will enhance their understanding of these chapters. Players will not be limited to one position but encouraged to gain a full appreciation of the experiences that come with participating all over the field of play. With this we introduce team play techniques – we play in various combinations: from 1 vs 1 to 11 vs 11 using FDS footballs well as the introduction of more conventional Size 4 and 5 balls. We strengthen players’ general fitness and diet, focusing more on competition using elements of both Futebol de Salão and conventional gameplay in practice, whilst continuing to reinforce all the techniques introduced earlier in the programme.

Skills Badge Scheme

Each child’s mastery of the syllabus of individual core movements and skills is evaluated using our proprietary method of assessment, the Skills Badge Scheme.

This comprehensive grading system measures each player’s skill level across the main categories of development and creates a recorded history of each player's progress.

As children work their way through all 7 levels of the Scheme they can apply for a certificate and a special presentation case containing the Badges to mark their achievements.

„I played Futebol de Salão as a youngster, it's the best start for kids.”

[ Juninho ]


BSS Sessions